15W Qi Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Phone Holder for iPhone 12 Pro Max Universal Wireless Charging Car Phone Holder for Huawei

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JOYROOM 2021 NEW 15W Qi Car Phone Holder Magnetic Wireless Car Charger for iPhone 12 Induction Fast Magsafe Wireless Charging for iPhone 12 Pro Retailer Package Drop Shipping


Name :Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount
Input :5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
Output Power :5W/7.5W/10W/15W(MAX)
Output Interface:Type-C
Compatibility:Cell Phone With Magnetic Function Rr With Magnetic Phone Case
Fix Position: Air Vent Mount
Applied Fast Charge Protocols:QC 3.0 Quick Charge
Product Size:60*82mm
Net Weigt:86g
Charger: Universal For 4.7-6.5 Inch Smart Phone
Charging Distance:≤8MM
Gross Weigt:148g

Which Mobile Phones Can use?

1.iPhone 12 Series mobile phone
2.Other Mobile phones: Need to use magnetic case or magnetic sheets, and then can use normally


1. Mechanically press to open, one key to lock, stable and firm without abnormal noise.
2. One-handed operation, convenient and fast.
3. 360-degree rotation, angle of view can be adjusted arbitrarily, horizontal and vertical screens are free to you.
4. Suitable for 4.7-6.5 inch mobile phones, high compatibility.
5.Five fix position air vent mount.
6. 15W Wireless Fast Charger For Mobile Phone with MagSafe phone case
7.7 pcs 45° customized and constant magnetic field, minimizing the impact on mobile phone signal and charging speed.
8. Magnetic wireless charger automatically accurately matches with the Magnetic module of iPhone 12 adsorb tightly, stable and firm

Upgraded Package Included

*1PC Magnetic Holder
*1PC Magnetic Sheet–As Free Gift
*1PC Air Outlet Clip
*1PC Data Line
*1PC Manual
*1PC Package Box

Please Note

From March 18th ,The order will be sent Magnetic Plate As Free Gift

Send Magnetic Plate As Free Gift

1.PC Material–5g ultra Ight, Don’t affect
Wireless charging
2.Magnetic Plate–36Pcs strong magnets
Accurate adsorption

Support Wireless Fast Charging Models

Focus on Car for 15 Years

Serving 24 million+ users worldwide

Professional Certification

Make every product seriously

Compatible Phone Model

Ultra Strong 6 N52 Magnets

Keep your on the mount

Do not Block the Signal, Can Adjust Your Phone 360°

Quickly Charging & Full Protection

Phone model Charging test:
*Ordinary Magnetic Bracket—–1 hour fast charge 19%
*JOYROOM Magnetic Bracket—–1 hour fast charge 60%

Your Phone Won’t Fall Off

Build in 6 ultra strong magnets

Ordinary wireless Charging Stand

Three Bad Reasons!
1.Insensitive Unable to pair
2.Mismatch Slow charging
3.Inferior parts Scald machine

JOYROOM Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

1.Strong Magnetic—Stable without falling off
2.Super Fast Charge—Itelligent adaptive charging power
3.Safe & Not Hot—Multiple safe charging protection
4.Accurate Fast Charge—Accurate magnetic charging

Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

Automatically aligns the wireless charging coil , improve charging efficiency

Full Upgraded Magnetic Wireless Charger

1.Magnetic quickly accurate matching
2.15W Wireless fast car charger
3.Strong adsorption like magnet
4.Quick and convenient one hand operation,safe driving

New Magnetic Technology

Magnetic wireless charger automatically accurately matches with the magnetic module of iPhone 12 adsorb tightly, stable and firm

Big Ring Magnet Super Strong Adsorption And Pertect Stable

No fear of various road conditions, the stable and tight adsorption even during the rugged mountain road and very easy to deal with various complex road conditions

One Hand Operation Convenient And Fast ,More Be Safe Driving

It can be operated with one hand, and it will automatically absorb the charging position when put on it. It can be sensed in one second, making driving more safer

15W Super Wireless Fast Charger

Built-in pure copper wireless charging loop and upgraded bold coil, charging speed improve to 99%

Closed Magnetic Field Does Not Affect The Signal

7 pcs 45° customized and constant magnetic field, minimizing the impact on mobile phone signal and charging speed

iPhone12 with MagSafe Case Charding, No Affect Charging Speed

No matter if the phone is in a MagSafe case or not , the charging speed is the same

Full Upgrade Details Characteristic

1.Knob reinforcement
2.Silicone clip car protection
3.360° free spin universal ball

Super Widely Compatible With Air Vent Mount

Super widely compatibility, support five fix position air vent mount

Product Size


Product Packaging

Additional information

Brand Name



Wireless Charger





Compatible Brand


Model Number


Has Speaker



Car Holder


Gun Color, Sea Blue

Feature 1

Car Holder For iPhone12 Pro

Feature 2

Magnetic Wireless Charger For iPhone12

Feature 3

Car Wireless Charger For iPhone12 Mini

Feature 4

Car Phone Holder, Phone Stand

Feature 5

Car Bracket, Mobile Phone holder, Car Mount

Feature 6

Gravity Holder, Car Air Vent Holder

Feature 7

Auto Mobile Support


Compact and Portable, Mini Wireless Charger

Suitable for

For 4.7 inch to 6. inch Smart Phone

Type 1

Magnetic Phone Holder, Magnetic Car Holder

Type 2

360 Degrees Rotation, Strong Adsorption

Type 3

Air Vent Mount, Dashboard or Smooth Surface

Type 4

Mobile Phone Holders Stands


Non-slip ABS + Reinforced Magnets + PC

Installation Type

Vertical Paste / Flat Paste / Clip Clamp Type

Package Include

1PC Phone Holder+1PC Magnectic Sheet

Output Interface





Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount

Applied Fast Charge Protocols

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

Output Power

5W/7.5W/10W/15W MAX


Wireless Charger For Samsung S10 S9 S8 Plus


for iPhone 12 X 8 plus / Samsung galaxy S9 S8 NOTE 8


Wireless car charger holder for car mobile phone


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